Don’t get confused about the motives of the Terrorists. They are not murdering people because they are opposed to Free Speech.

Free Speech is a Right. The idea of “Rights” is a concept that requires an advanced culture. Nowhere in the Middle East is there any such culture so there is no such thing in the Middle East as a Right to Free Speech There’s not enough culture there to think about “Rights”. That should prove the Charlie Hebdo murders weren’t about Free Speech or the Right to Free Speech or the Rights of the Press. Talking to Terrorists about “Rights” is like talking to a pig. It wastes time and annoys the pig.

Likewise the murders at the Jewish market in Paris. They weren’t about free speech either. Just like the Final Solution in NAZI Germany wasn’t about individual rights. It was about murdering Jews. Murdering Jews is wrong because murder is wrong. Killing Jews is not wrong because the victims were Jews. Killing Jews is wrong because killing is wrong.

Try not to overthink this. It’s not that hard to get. People shouldn’t be outraged because cartoons offended some people. they should be outraged at the people who decided to murder people. What’s the difference why they murdered them? Hillary was right when she said what difference at this point does it make? But Hillary was absolutely wrong about the murders in Benghazi. It makes no difference why they were done except possibly to use it as a motive but murder doesn’t depend on the motive. It depends on the circumstances regarding the murder. the difference between manslaughter and murder is not motive, it’s premeditation. The Charlie Hebdo murders were murders because the murders planned the killings. .

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