Nothing wrong with speaking Spanish in America. Nothing wrong with speaking only Spanish or in speaking English as a second language as Jeb’s Mexican born wife apparently does. She has been married to Jeb for 40 years. Is she comfortable speaking English? 

No. At least not according to the press. 

Look. Jeb is comfortable speaking Spanish. He has an understandable emotional connection to not only the Spanish language but to Mexico. Good. Having a love for Mexico as well as for America is a good thing. 

But it’s not an advantage for an American President who needs all of his abilities focused on supporting America especially with the massive problems on the border with Mexico and with the illegal immigrants who have come across the border and reside in America illegally. Jeb cannot assess those issues objectively. No one in his position could. His wife Columba is a large part of his psyche, as she should be. Jeb’s psyche is being pulled in different directions. If that’s not a problem for him he and Columba would not be an issue. But it is and he is.

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