Both are winners. Both are successful, rich, bold, brash, and confident –but, -they rub some people against the grain. Cam blames your race. Donald blames our leaders. Cam lives in a world where you really do bash your enemies into the ground, Trump makes great deals with them so both parties win but of course, he wins more but Cam has an advantage Donald doesn’t have. Cam is black.

Cam can say things more outrageous than Trump and not only will the media not condemn him, they will agree with cam and make his case against white people even deeper. Cam isn’t against anyone more than he’s against whites. He flaunts his race. He taunts with his race. Cam Newton told the Charlotte Observer: “all the vitriol directed at him by opposing fans and players is essentially the result of him being black.” Let’s look at the record. Cam said: “we’ve never seen a quarterback like him”

What about Randall Cunningham who was a scrambling QB with a big arm who was also, unlike Cam well-liked by the fans. Michael Vick was one of the most dangerous QBs we’ve ever seen. And what about Warren Moon, Steve McNair, Russell Wilson, and Doug Williams? They were black quarterbacks who made it big for a much longer time who all came before Cam.They were black quarterbacks who were embraced by the league and the fans. So what’s the problem with Cam?  

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