A philosophically disastrous movie, “1492, the COnquest of Paridise” by Ridley Scott aimed at ruining the basis of America has a brilliant opening with the stirring opening music createded by Vangelis. It plays on the emotions of Americans who know how wonderful America is but the essence of the movie is the condemnation of America and the values that rose here. the story of Columbus and his efforts are about how a superior civilization fought to create a place where Freedom, Liberty and Capitalism would replace the Law of the Jungle. The movie aims to undercut America by portraying our values as wrong but the worst part is the condemnation of Christopher Columbus as a cheap hustler and the alleged cruel invasion and subjugation of an innocent bunch of savages.

You get the idea of the movie from the words of Queen Isabella who says:  “The New World is a disaster” which is what the producers and the director want you and the enemies  of America to accept.

Ayn Rand testified before the HUAC about the pernicious effects of using the movies as propaganda. She said: “The principle of free speech requires … that we do not pass laws forbidding [Communists] to speak. But the principle of free speech … does not imply that we owe them jobs and support to advocate our own destruction at our own expense.” We add: Nor does it mean we should pay and watch “1492” for the same reasons.  


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