“Government’s, Politicians and The Media Cheat The People.” That’s proven by the candidate to replace 8th Congressional Congressman Mike Fitzptrick. He picked his brother Brian Fitzpatrick who then picked or was told to hire the husband of the head of the Bucks County PA Republican Party as the Campaign Finance Manager. That’s the incestuous connection of the Federal Government with the Bucks County Politicians. What about the Bucks County media?

In this case they blew the whistle about Fitzpatrick’s connection to the Bucks County Republican Chairwoman but the news may not be as bad as it appears because Brian Fitzpatrick has massive experience rooting out and prosecuting political corruption in: Ukraine; California and New York City with the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit.

Is Brian Fitzpatrick  a spy who just got on the inside of the Bucks Pay-To-Play organization that used to be funded by Republican Financial Rainmaker Claire Risoldi who is currently involved with what appears to be a multi-million dollar insurance shake-down by her insurance company which is using their political connections to help avoid paying the insurance claim? Unfortunately for justice her husband was overwhelmed by the false charges so he shot himself. Is Brian Fitzpatrick our inside Political Corruption Investigator from the FBI? If so, there are lots of issues for him in Bucks and of course inside Philadelphia, a small part of which is in Brian Fitzpatrick’s 8th Congressional district. One can only hope. One must hope. Hope for Justice to be served. 

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