Not so fast on the grant for Recycling Performance. It’s for 2009, not 2011. 

The Courier published “Towns turning trash into cash” on Dec 28, 2011 but the report was based on performance in 2009, two years ago. Northampton was the Super-Star of the 31 municipalities with 14.55 thousand tons recycled. aT 2,000 pounds per ton that’s 29.51 Million Pounds.  The State DEP is handing Northampton $327,458 which averages 23 bucks per property; 8 bucks per person.

The true value to each property owner is the savings in plastic trash bags. Using a hard container means the recyclables don’t have to be put in a plastic trash bag. It’s at least 52 bags a year. For some properties 104 bags saved each year.

Each property sent 43  pounds of recyclable trash each week (Is that True??)and that earned each property 6 cents a day. You figure out what your time was worth and the effort you put forth to get  6 cents a day. Oh wait. You didn’t save anything. You won’t see one penny for your time and effort. The  township gets the money, not you.

That’s not the entire story. The grant is in addition to the money the township was paid by the recyclers. That number will be forthcoming but it’s estimated to be at least $25 per property. Add that to the grant money and the saving in plastic trash bags and it’s clear that recycling is about more than it seems. Developing…

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