UPDATE: PolitiFact, the fact-checking arm of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has confirmed that Obama does participate in the Illinois pension fund, which was organized in the Cayman Islands and has interests in China. Just as Romney told him during the debate.

From the standpoint of a public pension, Obama is well-heeled. As president, he will receive $191,300 annually for life — win or lose in next month’s election — and receives a travel allotment as well as mailing privileges. Should Obama lose, his presidential pension kicks in immediately after leaving office. How about that? A lifetime pension after four years. What a deal. Given that the president enjoys a normal life span, the pension allotment would be worth upwards of $6 million. (Here).

But what about Romney? As for a strictly public pension? Zip, zero. Romney only served one term as governor of the Bay State and did not take a salary, so he is eligible for nothing.

Of course Romney is wealthy but as of now he gets no public pension. Of course as President he will recieve one…. if he decides to take the salary like Obama did.   

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