People who put their money where their mouth is are betting Hillary as a 5 to one favorite to beat Donald Trump and she wins even more convincingly if the Republicans throw Marco Rubio at her. Rubio easily wins against Cruz for the Republican nomination but Trump easily beats the both of them.

But Hillary beats Donald. It’s not my prediction so don’t blame me.  If you want Trump to be your next President, get busy and do something to help him because he’s favored to lose against Hillary. That’s not the polls, that’s the bet from people who bet and they have been far more accurate than the polls.  That’s not my bet because Hillary is a dastardly human being.


But Trump hasn’t begun to run against Hillary yet. He’s been running against Cruz and Rubio. Wait until he starts to condemn Hillary as a bad person; as an enabler; as a liar; as a hypocrite with a criminal mentality who has personally attacked people and ruined them like she did to Billy Dale of the travel office. A despicable human being. 


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