Brian Fitzpatrick easily defeated Scott Petri at the Endorsement Meeting in Bensalem of the Lower Bucks Republican Committee people. Fitzpatrick will run the table and be not only endorsed but winning the 8th Congressional seat being given up by older brother Michael.

That’s because the Northampton Republicans, along with Upper South and Warminster will endorse Fitzpatrick on Feb 1. Central and Upper Bucks will meet Feb 3rd and 4th, Wednesday and Thursday, and that’s it. Bucks County Republicans unanimously will endorse Brian Fitzpatrick. Unless Petri decides to run for his present State Rep seat, and we would encourage him to do that, he’ll be a plain voter again.

What about the Democrats? Compared to Fitzpatrick especially in a Republican landslide year because of President Trump, they’re not worth mentioning.

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