In a word, nothing. Government should and must leave black people alone except to protect them by upholding the Constitution. What’s wrong with American black people? Same answer. Nothing. Why, one might ask, are their so many reports of crime from the black neighborhoods? For the identical reason there is crime in every neighborhood, because of criminals. Criminality is not an attribute of black people. It’s not an attribute of white people either. Black people need the identical things from government that white people need, protection to be free.

Government is about laws, judgement of law breakers and protecting  individuals from government. No government has ever done that but America in it’s first 150 years came closest but those days are gone. Government has become at least a competitor for the life of the individual but in too many cases it’s become the enemy of the individual by imposing conditions on freedom and costs on the right to be free. Black people cannot escape that because government has become a friendly enemy when it should not be an enemy at all. Government should be a disinterested judge in our daily lives, neither friend nor enemy. .


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