Neither Russia nor China is as rich as America and Obama is increasing domestic surveillance. The Center in Utah for data collection is larger than the IRS’s center in D.C.

“The Utah Data Center, code-named Bumblehive, is the first Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative (IC CNCI) data center designed to support the Intelligence Community’s efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the nation. Our Utah “mission data repository” is designed to cope with the vast increases in digital data that have accompanied the rise of the global network. 

The 1.5 billion-dollar one million square-foot Bluffdale / Camp Williams LEED Silver facility houses a 100,000 sq-ft mission critical Tier III data center. The remaining 900,000 SF is used for technical support and administrative space. Our massive twenty building complex also includes water treatment facilities, chiller plants, electric substation, fire pump house, warehouse, vehicle inspection facility, visitor control center, and sixty diesel-fueled emergency standby generators and fuel facility for a 3-day 100% power backup capability.”

Frightened? Well all of your data is there. So is the data about the Pope, Angela Merkel and everyone else on earth. No one escapes the American Government’s data files. No one is safe from them.

That’s why the Obama Administration is more dangerous than China or Russia.

This is serious stuff. It’s a serious treat because they are spying on everyone despite the restrictions against them in the Constitution.

So far not one terror attack has been prevented by the NSA. Remember Boston? 9/11?

The secret court with secret judges has all of the political data about Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Information is power, as Herbert Hoover knew. the Obama Adminstration knows it too and it’s working the data against those who oppose him. Tea Party member lists? Check. COnservative Campaign doners? Check. You? Check again.

Obama wants to be the first dictator over America. He has a pen and a phone and he’s the most extreme politician in America with access to the largest database just full of information. Would he use it?

That’s what the IRS scandal is about. That’s what Fast and Furious was about. Can’t let people with guns keep on buying them.

President Bill Clinton shut down half of the legitimate gun businesses. The Federal Government is buying all of the ammunition produced so that people with guns won’t be able to buy bullets

How much information do you need to get really concerned about the rogue’s in Obama’s Adminstration?

He’s sent the military against heads of state he believes are against America. Sure he authorized the attack against Osama but that was only one man. Terrorists are active from the Middle East clear across Africa and beyond and there’s no hope or chance that any other nation can defeat terror without America. Right now Obama has America by the throat so here goes Putin into Eastern Ukraine.

This is awful.  





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