Kitty Genovese was brutally murdered by a deranged black man who told his children he was framed by the Genovese Crime Family. The New Your Times made up the story that 38 people watched the murder which happened over a 35 minute period but they did nothing about it. That was a set of major lies that infected our civilization since 1964.

First, there were not 38 witnesses. It turns out that the detectives interviewed 34 people but not one saw the murder. Some of the 34 heard screams but in a re-enactment no one did anything.

Second, the New York times invented the story that 38 people saw the murder but didn’t do anything. Again, no one saw the murder. What should someone do who doesn’t see a murder?

The reason the NYT invented the 38 witness story was to sell newspapers.

Fast forward to the 2016 election and remember all of the Fake News that was put forward and remember that nothing much has changed since 1964 when the NYT invented 38 witnesses. 

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