Canada is important to understand to see where a Hillary Presidency will go, viz. towards more oppression of freedom as well as towards more Islamization. Canada ecstatically welcomed immigrants and refugees from historically backward, theocratic, anti-Semitic, Sharia-dominated, and terror-sponsoring nations who are creating purpose built “barriers,” such as purpose-built ghettos, no-go zones, closed neighborhoods, special privileges and spaces, an atmosphere of threat, and who have no interest in Western-style “individual autonomy and freedom”. In October 2015 radical Islamists ran for 7% of available parlimentry seats which is double the Islamic percent of Canada.
No surprise that Islam became a prominent issue in the campaign. Liberal Americaphobe Justin Tredeau played up to Obama’s Hope and Change by saying: “We beat fear with hope, we beat cynicism with hard work. We beat negative, divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together.” To a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, he promised “a government that believes deeply in the diversity of this country.”

Damn. My ancestors fled oppression and came to America in the late 1800’s knowing they had to work hard and they did. Compared to today in Canada welfare recipients live better lives than they did and better than I have. To witness the acceptance of “barbaric” practices in the cultural habits of these immigrants and to even consider voting in another Liberal administration dedicated to increasing the national debt and gradually submerging the country in an effluvium of Muslim migrants and refugees is intolerable. Donald Trump, an economic genius is the only candidate objecting to this nutty inpouring of unvetted “Syrian” migrants exacerbating an already problematic Islamic infiltration. This is the final victory of the great unwashed. Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave.

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