Why isn’t Michael demonstrating in front of Moore Tower? Because there isn’t one. Why is this bag-of-laundry outraged about Donald Trump trying to protect something and someone about who Moore doesn’t really care? After all, he’s the crap-wit who tried to convince us Cuba had better medical care. He went to Cuba with chronically ill September 11 rescue workers to shoot parts of the film supposedly showing how great his idol Fidel had revolutionized medicine in the Peoples Republic. . Moore hates America and Americans. He should stop fooling us and move to someplace he really loves, like, maybe Havana. 

He said: “We are all Muslim.” No, we aren’t.

He really let us have it with: “Just as we are all Mexican, we are all Catholic and Jewish and white and black and every shade in between.” That’s simply crazy. Look. If the Pillsbury Dough Boy want’s to play the fool, fine. We can simply sit back and laugh at him. That’s all he’s good for.

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