Since 9/11 just about everyone in American knew about the dangers of Muslims murdering Americans. Why did it take so long before one man finally said it out loud? For that, America owes a huge “Thank You Donald Trump” to Donald Trump. All of the politicians, all of the Establishment — presidential candidates, major office holders, large contributors, and paid consultants — were caught flat-footed and out of touch. Who knew, after fifteen years of unabated Islamist terrorism all over the world, that large segments of the American public might question the prudence of continued substantial immigration from the Muslim world? One man did. Donald Trump.

The political establishment’s condemnation of Trump’s proposal was instantaneous and predictable. Missing from the vitriol was substantive discussion of Trump’s actual proposal.

Here’s the deal: “Islam is unique among religions in continuing to produce a torrent of Islamic motivated mass murderers. Islam motivated violence continues to slaughter and that slaughter, far from abating, is getting more amnd more lethal. No sooner is one murderous Jihadist group apparently defeated (e.g., The Taliban, Al Qaeda) than others spring up (e.g., ISIS, Boko Haram). No other religious group is afflicted with anything remotely comparable to the cult of religious based murder coming from Islam. Islam’s leaders — religious and political — have shown little ability and less inclination to take the risks that might stem the spread, or diminish the allure, of the intolerant fundamentalism that undergirds Jihadist terror. “Moderate” Islamic voices, when they are heard at all, seem tardy, meek and ineffective. Islamic states that claim to be friends of the West, most notably, but not solely, Saudi Arabia — continue to fund the Salafist version of Islam all over the world, including in Europe and America, a theology whose Quranic fundamentalism and intolerance leads directly to Jihadi violence” from American Thinker. Thank Trump for that. It shows he’s the only leader running for President.

Polls of Muslims consistently reveal numerically significant support for Islamic terrorism. In 2010 and 2011 the Pew Research Center (which a Slate writer described as “… one of the least biased, most reliable polling organizations in the country”) polled American Muslims and found that approximately 13% thought that under at least some circumstances acts of terrorism against civilians are justified. Assuming a U.S. Muslim population of approximately 2.5 million, that figure would translate into somewhat more than 300,000 American Muslims who, under some circumstances, support murderous attacks against civilians. Did that get your attention? Still support More Muslims coming into America when a substantial number of them want to destroy America?

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