The words in the title are in the 1999 Parks and Rec plan that was done as the Johnsville Naval Air Station Land was given back to Northampton Township. Those must be the words Supervisor Komelasky and Ex-Supervisor Freidman thought they were remembering when they told the Board of Supervisors that “Firm Promises were made” before the Northampton Municipal Park was approved so they were opposed to temporary lights at a soccer field at the Municipal Park. They were in charge when the park was constructed.

Komelasky and Fiedman thought “Promises Made – Promises Kept” was important in keeping the trust of the citizens. If the township promised no lights would be put in the Municipal Park then putting lights on a soccer field would be the wrong thing to do. Several citizens stepped up and warned the Supervisors that they were making the same mistakes that were made when the cell towers were approved by Board of Supervisor chairman Komelasky. None of the objectors were impartial. Komelasky is always political in his decisions and comments. Same for Freidman who has a house that has the entire Municipal Park as his personal back yard. Of course he doesn’t what to help the kids use the park. He thinks it’s his park. That’s the way he rolls.

Because of the coming November election this is not just a light issue, it’s a political issue and the politically driven objections to lights on a soccer field are supposed to help Republicans take over the township.

But the words were just one of the topics discussed during a brainstorming session in 1999. A discussion is not an agreement. Another  discussed topic was Bocce  Courts. We know how unsuccessful and massively expensive was the mis-guided and non-objective Bocce Court behind the Senior Center. It’s a massive waste of money with a large, extremely expensive permanent and un-necessary roof because so few Northampton people do bocce. Northampton residents have successfully avoided being duped by the township bocce court. The supervisor most responsible for pushing the bocce court has plenty of room in his own back yard to put his own bocce court there instead of hammering the taxpayers for hundreds of thousands of dollars to satisfy his foolish fantasy and such is the motivation of the objectors to lights at the soccer field.


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