We agree with black skinned Katie Hopkins sho said: “I want to be recruited on merit, paid on performance and rewarded on results”. Not Al Sharpton who wants the color of a person’s skin to be included in the judgment for an Oscar. It’s not enough that movies must include people with black and/or brown skin, they must get awards or Sharpton and other black skinned people will shake them down like he, Jesse Jackson and other black colored skin people have done. Sharpton gave us Crown Heights, Bensonhurst and the Tawana Brawley controversies. He’s made some nasty comments about Jews, Mormons, other religions and others according to his biases and hatreds. He acknowledged in 1988 that he had helped the U.S. government crack down on drug-dealing in poor neighborhoods (although he still denies pervasive reports that he was an FBI informant).

The academy judges people according to a mix of criteria that Sharpton and other black skinned people judge is unfair to black people so he wants the judges to bias their judgement to change from ability and achievement to include what is unchangeable in people, their skin color. Sharpton’s skin color is a sort of cafe au lait tan color. It’s definitely not as black as actual black skinned people but Sharpton claims to speak for black people but not because he’s actually black or as black as others but for now lets agree to refer to tan Al as black. He and other black Americans want the rules bent to accommodate more people based on their skin color.

But many white people aren’t really white even though they call themselves white. He needs to give us the ruler that measures the whiteness of peoples skin then show people how to correctly judge skin color then consult a chart that shows how much extra credit must be added to the raw scores to get a result biased in the direction of Sharpton’s biases.

Keith Maddox, assistant professor of psychology and director of Tufts’ Social Cognition Lab (TUSC), recently made headlines with his research on skin-tone bias, a relatively unexplored area of social psychology. Maddox conducted a series of tests described in a study, “Cognitive Representations of Black Americans: Reexploring the Role of Skin Tone,” funded by the National Science Foundation and published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The results showed that when it came to judging the darkness of a person’s skin, Whites and Blacks alike came to similar conclusions—“degrees of Blackness have social meaning.” According to the data and conclusions reached by professor Maddox, Sharpton is not as black as some black people although he’s more black than light skinned black people. “We found that people more closely associated dark-skinned Black men and women with traits such as criminality, unintelligence, being poor, unattractiveness, laziness, and aggressiveness. People were much less likely to list these traits when considering light-skinned Blacks so the question is where does Jackson fit and where do the boycotters like Jada and Will Smith, Spike Lee and others fall on the black-white spectrum?

It’s important to know for several reasons. A light colored black actor may be passed over for not being black enough. Some South European people may be put into the category of black when they should be considered white. Sharpton could help by figuring out the various shades of black skin so the Academy can properly catergorize people as half black or whatever.

America abolished Federal Civil Service Exams because blacks couldn’t pass them. American colleges turn away non-black kids so that less qualified blacks can be admitted. The media observe exquisitely sensitive protocols to mislead people when they report black-on-white misbehavior, while inflating the flimsiest allegations of white-on-black misbehavior to the level of national crises.

Admission exams for police and firefighter jobs were gutted so blacks can be hired, and laws force taxpayers to pay extravagant compensation to applicants who failed the un-gutted exams. We likewise lower and effectively render useless standards for college debate, replacing structured, reasoned argument with incoherent squawking.
We have pretty much dismantled our civilization in an effort to accommodate blacks.
And still black people complain says John Derbyshire and others.

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