Same for all of the rest of the Rights that have been a source of concern since Cain killed Able. He was armed. He used a weapon, a club. Thousands of years later Plato thought up the idea of different classes of people. He didn’t want the lowest people to be armed but he wanted to punish rich people who refused to be armed. Plato thought up the idea of a tyrant ruling the people. Marx took that to the next step. A tyrant must monopolize the means of force to exploit the majority. That’s the basis of Bernie Sanders and the Democratic party’s calls to disarm the people.

Plato’s ideas are in his book: “Laws”. He didn’t trust people so he never hooked up to Jefferson’s idea that not only can people be trusted, there’s no danger if they are. America proves the idea with 350 million guns in the hands of the people. Unfortunately, because of the Left Liberals in America most gun owners are afraid to carry them so they leave them at home which is why there are so few armed citizens available to resist the Terrorists who sneak across the borders.

The few who wrote the Constitution knew a lot about getting government to protect individual rights but couldn’t foresee the day government would be able to stop most people from being armed. A Right that cannot be exercised should wake up enough people to fix that problem but when a culture demonizes individual responsibility and self-defense that culture develops a slave mentality and returns to the days of Plato that knew the dangers of arming the slaves.
So the point is that Rights are discovered by people. If God had invented them they would never disappear.

the greatest of the ancient philosophers was Aristotle who deemed possession of arms the duty of each citizen. How far from his ideal has civilization traveled when Australia and other nations willingly disarmed the people and the people let them. If the right to self-defense really did come from God, what happened to it?

What are Rights? “Rights” are a moral concept. Morality is a set of intellectual rules that identifies the correct choices to be made by the individual. A concept is a combination of two or more ideas united by their common attributes. Freedom is a concept that combines a lot of ideas having to do with individual action. So the concept of Rights has to do with how individuals should treat others then expands those ideas to develop a legal code that protects freedom. In effect Individual rights are a way to subordinate — the concept that provides a logical transition from the principles guiding an individual’s actions to the principles guiding his relationship with others — the concept that preserves and protects individual morality in a social context — the link between the moral code of a man and the legal code of a society, between ethics and politics. Individual rights are the means of subordinating society to moral law. No religion based culture ever discovered that.

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