The editors lauded a local State Representative who introduced “Common Sense Gun Laws” which is simply another scheme to disarm Americans but disguised as stopping people with “Mental Problems” from getting or keeping a gun. They know they are on bad ground so they deviously crafted their approach as making society safer but they refused to identify those individuals they would actually disarm.  The KGB decided who they were in the failed Soviet Union. The Soviet Government declared political opponents were insane and punished them by sending them to re-education centers where they were injected with  powerful psychotic drugs.

The question isn’t would that happen here? It’s COULD it happen as the protection from government is removed from people by legislation. the question isn’t would the law subject innocent people to punishment. The question is COULD it?   The idea of letting the government decide who is competent has awful examples from history. the question is not would the government disarm innocent people by declaring them to have Mental Issues. the question is could it? They want to take away from “Mental Patients” the ability to protect themselves but who decides who are the mental “Mental Patients? Government is happy to take on the job just as the government in Germany decided “Gypsies and Jews” were to be disarmed. What’s next? People of “Low Intellect”? People who believe in the wrong Religion? Transsexuals? Tea Party types? Anyone with a gun, — like Australia just did? Like Hitler did?

One of the provisions in the proposed so-called “Common Sense Gun Law” forbids all gun sales unless the people and the guns are approved by the sheriff. That’s “Guilty, prove you are innocent”. Those ideas don’t follow “Common Sense”, they defy common sense. Americans follow “innocent until proven guilty” so an opposing law can’t be called common sense. It’s as un-American as a dictatorship. It opposes all four corners of all of our laws at the most basic level.

The main point is: we are not free from ALL searches and seizures, only unlawful ones. ALL FIVE of the following elements must be present simultaneously for that search to follow the Fourth Amendment:
1. A Proper Warrant: The search and/or seizure is illegal if there is no warrant.
2. Based Upon Probable Cause: There must be probable cause that a law has been broken or violated.
3. Supported By An Oath Before A Common Law Court: The warrant must have been issued by a common law court.
4. Particularly Describing The Place To Be Searched: If there is no description then they can search anything. No limits. This is why you never consent (see below)
5. The Persons Or Things To Be Seized: Again same here. If there is no description or if you give consent then all bets are off. They can seize anything. Never give consent.

THERE ARE NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS TO YOUR RIGHT TO PROPERTY WITHIN THE 4th AMENDMENT. ALL searches and seizures that do not have all Five elements present are in violation of the 4th Amendment and therefore in violation of your constitutionally recognized right to be secure in your persons and property.

Americans are not so unique that we aren’t members of the human race but Americans do have more freedom than almost any other culture or place. Freedom isn’t the ability to do whatever we please to other people. We still have to trim our behavior so we don’t hurt someone else but we are free to do many things that are almost impossible to do in other places like print a newspaper or buy a gun. The newspaper should be sharply aware and defiant against government control of the content of their newspaper or their right to defend themselves. I am.

Remember: most people accepted the common sense ideas that the sun moved across the sky; that the earth was flat and people couldn’t fly. Galilao refused to agree the earth was the center of the universe. The common sense of a great institution found him guilty of being a heretic and imprisoned him. As recently as 1990 the pope said: (the) “verdict against Galileo was rational and just.” So much for the common sense of a great authority that’s a supposed guardian of morality in the Western world. It’s also a bunch of knocks against Common Sense.

Compelling an interrogation with the threat of government denying permission to perform a legal act is blackmail and blackmail is fraud. It’s also a violation of Due Process because a pre-purchase search as a precondition to issuing permission to purchase a firearm is coercion pure and simple. A coercive search prior to a legal purchase is an abuse of due process.

While it’s good to keep guns out of the hands of criminals remember this “Common Sense” fact: criminals don’t obey the law. Every “gun law” only restricts law-abiding citizens. Taking guns away from law abiding people isn’t legal in these United States let alone sensible.
A word about the fictional “Gun Show Loophole”. Gun shows are heavily regulated by the owners of the buildings and the licensed gun dealers inside. Video cameras and plain clothes agents swarm all over the gun shows and parking lots. Background checks happen are done before every purchase. A gun show is one of the safest places on the earth. A terrorist would be stopped not only by law enforcement but by the swarms of armed law-abiding citizens all over the place.

Guns are always in danger of confiscation because the government is afraid of an armed citizenry. Obama figured out he can regulate guns by regulating lead so it’s not available to make bullets. All of the lead smelters in America are closed.
What kind of people refuse to protect themselves then demand someone else take responsibility for their safety? What kind of parent refuses to protect their child? What kind of person believes their own life in so inconsequential that they refuse to protect themselves?
Pope Benedict aka. Mr.Ratzinger. “Its verdict against Galileo was rational and just,..”

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