She believes “her accomplishments speak for themselves and have nothing to do with her gender” but, ….. “looking more the take-charge hot New York mama than glossy Fox News anchor”, we know “Mama” is as feminine as one can get and female is a gender so Megyn Kelly is and is seen as all about gender. Roger Ailes knows how to pick ’em and he didn’t pick Kelly for her brains. 

Conclusion: if Megyn was Mike or Matthew she would not be nearly as popular. Her screen presence is all about female. “She’s a woman of preternatural charisma, with star power closer to that of Julia Roberts than to, say, Norah O’Donnell or Erin Burnett—two other beautiful TV newswomen who have made it big but have never exactly exploded. Now pulling down a reported annual pay package of $6-$9 million, she’s the alpha girl at the dinner party,”
The biased and slanted unfair and disingenuous interview/propaganda piece in a Left-loving magazine that put Kelly on it’s cover without acknowledging Kelly said “Santa is white” didn’t tell the entire story about Kelly. She never walked back her Santa is White comment. She doubled down showing many images of a white Santa. She created a controversy for the sake of controversy. For the record, this is America and if someone wants to wear a Santa suit no one should object. Kelly got that one massively wrong as she did when she tried to rebut Trump’s comments about Rosie O’Donnell who certainly doesn’t exude class or charm.
Kelly is popular because she’s a woman. She’s also a lawyer and a mother, neither of which is promoted in the Left-leaning magazine.
Kelly was wrong about Trump and Santa. It’s impossible to watch her without knowing those facts and knowing those facts puts her comments in question. Maybe she will resolve her issues with Trump. He’ll win without her but it would be best is they get back on the same side.

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