A “Senior Editor” for reason.com who looks like a middle aged Liberal who isn’t a senior at all nor does he know much about the Constitution, but he thinks he can critique Donald Trumps first campaign video. He calls it “Trumps campaign in miniature – a compendium of implicit smears”.

The middle-aged Senior Editor seems to think Muslim immigration is a right that Muslims have to enter the United States when the truth is just the opposite. He thinks Donald Trumps claim to stop Muslim immigration is “dubious”. He cannot grasp why so many Americans who are sick and tired of hearing about how many Muslim immigrants Obama wants to allow into America when it was Muslims who killed RFK in 1968, attacked the Israeli Olympians in Munich in 1972, bombed the World Trade Center on 9/11, bombed the Boston Marathon, murdered the Charlie Hebdo workers, shot up Paris and murdered 130 people there, murdered Theo vanGogh, murdered military people at Fort Hood and on and on. Muslims have aggression and anger management issues.

Muslims have murdered hundreds in the United States. Outside America since 1983 Wikipedia reports that the murderous Muslims have murdered civilians in 483 separate attacks but Muslim attacks have been going on since the Muslims attacked American ships in 1776. Even before that Muslim sea pirates were collecting slaves as far back as the 9th century, according to Wikipedia. In March of 1786 President Jefferson formed the United States Marines to battle the Muslim Barbary Pirates who demanded in 1801 that President Jefferson pay $225,000 ransom money for Americans captured in the Mediterranean.

Again, Wikipedia: ” In 1802, in response to Jefferson’s request for authority to deal with the pirates, Congress passed “An act for the protection of commerce and seamen of the United States against the Tripolitan cruisers”, authorizing the President to “…employ such of the armed vessels of the United States as may be judged requisite… for protecting effectually the commerce and seamen thereof on the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and adjoining seas.”[30] “The statute authorized American ships to seize vessels belonging to the Muslim Bey of Tripoli, with the captured property distributed to those who brought the vessels into port.”[25]

“The U.S Navy went unchallenged on the sea, but still the question remained undecided. Jefferson pressed the issue the following year, with an increase in military force and deployment of many of the navy’s best ships to the region throughout 1802. Argus, Chesapeake, Constellation, Constitution, Enterprise, Intrepid, Philadelphia and Syren all saw service during the war under the overall command of Preble. Throughout 1803, Preble set up and maintained a blockade of the Muslim Barbary ports and executed a campaign of raids and attacks against the cities’ fleets.

“The Tripoli Monument,[39] the oldest military monument in the U.S., honors the American heroes of the First Muslim Barbary War: Master Commandant Richard Somers, Lieutenant James Caldwell, James Decatur (brother of Stephen Decatur), Henry Wadsworth, Joseph Israel and John Dorsey. Originally known as the Naval Monument, it is carved of Carrara marble in Italy in 1806 and brought to the U.S. on board Constitution (“Old Ironsides”). From its original location in the Washington Navy Yard, it was moved to the west terrace of the national Capitol and finally, in 1860, to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.”
So Donald Trump Is On Solid Ground Stopping Muslim Immigration Until We Can Sort Out The Fiends From The Enemies, despite what the “Senior Editor” of reason magazine thinks.

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