Servitude is the opposite of Liberty.

Both Obama and the Pope have less use for Liberty as they support “Intimidation” in human relationships. Both support the slave mentality in others while denying it. Both are wealthy individuals who hypocritically decry richness and temporal success. If the people figure out their scams and schemes it’s all over for their leadership style. Good. People who live under the servitude of laws accept the mentality of the slave.

Intimidation is a form of force that’s hidden from sight. It’s a dishonest, fraudulent and deceitful style of governing. Both are threatened by Capitalism because Liberty opposes silent oppression.

The President lives in a White House. The Pope lives surrounded by gold. Liberty and the people however are represented by Red, White and Blue.

The Basilica of Sts Peter and Paul in Rome seats 60,000 and is the longest religious building in the world but it’s smaller than the rather small Willow Grove PA Mall which shows the superiority of Capitalism over religious dogma.   .


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