British Nationals (Overseas) is a special catagory of people… America needs to follow England’s example and offer U.S. citizenship to beleagered Hong Kong residents who are being oppressed by the Government of China…

England dramatically widened the pool of Hong Kong citizens who will be eligible to apply for UK citizenship, implying millions may be able to apply if China presses ahead with plans for draconian new security legislation in the territory.

The UK government’s decision has infuriated the Chinese government, and could risk a backlash among traditional Conservative voters opposed to immigration.

On Thursday the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said the UK would extend visa rights for about 350,000 British national (overseas) (BNOs) passport holders if Beijing went ahead with its plans to impose a national security law on Hong Kong.

He said visa rights would be extended from a period of six months to an extendable 12 months and so provide an unspecified pathway to future citizenship.

America should do the same or something similiar to offer oppressed people in Hong Kong a path to American citizenship..

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