The American Presidency has been replaced with a Stealth Monarchy.

The large number of people, the “Czars” and their large departments and staff, employed by President Obama is in general the same as employed by Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, about 38. The AIDS CZAR is called The Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy, Grant Colfax. The AUTO CZAR is the Senior Advisor Presidents Task Force, Steve Rattner. Ed Montgomery is Head of the Presidential Task Force on the Automotive Industry. The Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is Elizabeth Warren. Each of the staff have assistants, secretaries and administrators. It is estimated by Wikipedia at 4,000.

The Department of Defense In addition President Obama has a Cabinet of people who report to the President who in turn head up departments with tens of thousands of people who report to each cabinet member. The Cabinet Members are the heads of: Homeland Security; State; Treasury; Defense; Justice; The Interior; Agriculture; Commerce; Labor; Health and Human Services; Housing and Urban Development; Transportation; Energy; Education; Veterans Affairs; Chief of Staff; The EPA; Office of Management and Budget; United States Trade Representative; The Ambassador of the United States Mission to the United Nations; The Council of Economic Advisors and The Small Business Organization.

The Department of State John Kerry has a worldwide organization with 22 thousand people working therein. So does the Treasury. So does the Department of Defense. That would be the Military, approximately 1.3 million people plus the approx. 205,000 in The Reserve.

The Department of Justice has about 114,000 people. The Department of the Interior about 88,000. About 16,000 work for the Bureau of Labor. Homeland Security has about 188,000 employees. The FBI, 35,000. The CIA will not disclose the number of people who work for them but since they are worldwide and because the FBI has 35,000 people it’s probably a safe estimate to say over 100,000 people work for the CIA worldwide although when the number of informants are included the total could easily be 500,000.

There are about 1.8 million civilians who work for the federal government.

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