In an act of desperation, Obama dropped by parachute 100,000 pounds of American and Russian machine guns and ammunition on the Syrian Rebels who are fighting Bashar Assad and Vlad Putin. On September 28, at the U.N. Putin asked: “do you realize now what you’ve done?” Obama spent $500 million to train rebels against Assad but Obama’s program utterly failed and most of the $500 billion was wasted.

How do we know most of the $500 billion was wasted? Putin was bombing the rebels Obama wanted to train. Putin is on the way to stabilizing the Middle East that’s been turned into zones of anarchy. ISIS formed in Iraq after Obama pulled out American Forces. ISIS moved into Syria, the country next to Iraq.

Putin said: “you are dealing with rough and cruel people, but they’re in no way primitive or silly. They are just as clever as you are, and you never know who is manipulating whom. Putin is on the way to assembling a coalition against the terrorists of ISIS. His coalition will include Muslim countries as well as Europe and hopefully America. In the absence of Obama’s ability to lead, Putin has stepped up and into the fight against Islamic terrorism.

Trump and Putin agree that the refugees need to have a safe homeland to which they can return after the Terrorists are defeated. Putin wants to defeat them by forming a coalition which he is leading and using International Law and the U.N. no thanks to Obama’s bumbling idiocy in the Middle East.

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