Fred reports: “The cornerstone of our (KKK) efforts must continue to be the denial of education to Negroes. All depends on this. It is true that we cannot keep the few able darkies from advancing, and that if we tried too obviously to do so we might turn the public against us. However, we have been successful in keeping the great majority of Negros at a very low level of schooling. This has proved sufficient.”

“The trends are encouraging. News reports indicate that 93% of students in Detroit, which is of course an almost entirely Negro city, can barely read or can’t read at all”.

Fred further reports: “the establishment of departments of Black Studies in the universities has paid off beyond our expectations. I believe that we erred in opposing them. These departments now exist on almost all campuses. The immediate advantage is that they emphasize the difference between the races (as does the phrase “African-American”) and, in the Negro, encourage the blessed sense of victimhood. Perhaps more important in the long run is that, by their lack of content, Black Studies produce uneducated Negros carrying meaningless college degrees. This supports the suspicion among Whites that Negro graduates of universities are of low intelligence. By encouraging the use of Black English, we further this goal.” See the article HERE.

Of course Fred is being sarcastic. The KKK has no such program but the effects within the black community confirm the consequences of black people who refuse to attend public schools because they carry the stigma of being white-based schools that will mis-educate the students. That’s a preposterous idea, nevertheless things are working that way. Education is neither a cure-all nor a guarantee of a successful life but it’s way ahead of whatever is in second place. If more black students graduate more jobs will be created simply because there are more capable people who can do them.

Fred is onto a great truth. Instead of importing more immigrants, more graduates of high school can do the jobs which are languishing because of a lack of capable, educated people to fill them. The answer is within America and within some of the great American cities like Philadelphia, Detroit Baltimore and yes, Ferguson. If teh people in those places want a better life it’s within their reach.

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