It’s supposed to be something related to Freedom. Obama didn’t get the e-mail about the purpose so he gave Freedom Medals to entertainers and politicians he liked.

Here’s who got an Obama Trophy:

1. Yogi Berra – Baseball
2. Bonnie Carol – Wife of Brigadier General
3. Shirley Chisholm – Politician
4. Emilio Estefan – Songwriter
5. Gloria Estefan – Singer/Dancer
6. Billy Frank Jr. – Known for Fish Wars
7. Lee Hamilton – Politician
8. Katherine G. Johnson – Mathematician
9. Willie Mays – Baseball
10. Barbara Mikulski – Politician
11. Itzak Perlman – Great Violinist
12. William Ruckleshaus – Banned DDT
13. Stephen Sondheim – Composer
14. Stephen Spielberg – Filmmaker About Bigotry
15. Barbara Streisand – Singer
16. James Taylor – Singer/Guitarist
17. Minoru Yasui – Interment Protester.

He could have given Freedom Medals to people like Bradley Cooper or the head of the most freedom concerned organization in the world – that would be the NRA or to a WWII vet who landed at Normandy or fought at Okinawa or Iwo Jima but instead this bigoted American born anti-American ignored people who actually fought for freedom and degraded the idea of an award for people who actually did something to advance freedom instead of their own career.

Look. People who play ball, who entertain us and who do great work should not be recognized for something they didn’t do like which one of the 17 people did something to make Americans a bit more free? Not one. Most of them are certainly good people but not one is worthy of veneration as a freedom advancer. Not one.

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