Some children who have immature brains are without the ability to empathize pain in others, you know, those kids who enjoy pulling the wings off houseflies. As they mature most develop empathy. As they become parents their experiences with their own children cause them to understand pain in others but some adults continue to enjoy inflicting pain. They are sadists.

The governments in America, that’s plural for Federal, State, County and Municipality have one of the most egregious recreational drug policy that is enforced by sadists intent on punishment.

Drugs can be fatal. So can guns, cars, smoking and swimming pools. Sadistic people who gain power in government will promote punishment to control people. One of their favorite hang-outs in in drug law. Unfortunately their arguments such as: drugs are killing our children; drug pushers make millions by breaking the laws and the people can’t be trusted to make the right decisions. The World Health Organization (WHO) of the UN called for the decriminalization of drugs particularly including injected ones. This conclusion put WHO at odds with broader long-standing UN policy favoring continued criminalization of drugs.

Can you even pronounce methylenedioxypyrovalerone? It’s commonly known as MDPV is a common ingredient in a street drug known as “bath salts.”

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