Two people who I would classify as friends both disagreed with parts or all of “Why does government make people suffer”? They are almost polar opposites. One was a Big Government Liberal and the other a Tea Party Conservative. One Democrat, one Republican. One very rational and thoughtful, the other a bit silly. Neither knew what they were talking about. Both missed important parts of “Why Does Government…”. The first wanted to inform me about Suboxone, but my comments about Suboxone were edited out by the newspaper. The second thought I was in favor of un-regulating dangerous drugs, a position that wasn’t taken in the article. He ended the friendship and went back to his political psuedo-friends. Life isn’t always fair but that’s life. 

They were “thoughtful” people who meant well but were uninformed. They wanted to tell me things but their objections were considered when the article was written. One became quickly agitated and his friendship was revealed to be a pseudo-friendship. It’s over. Good.

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