Here’s my take. The Creatures of Corruption, a few leaders in the Republican Committee, have themselves in a lather. They lost two elections for three supervisor seats. That meant they lost the township government for the Republicans but on the Water board the Republicans still have control and they are showing what they are made of and it’s not pretty.  It’s time for the CoC to go. Vote for Janet and Bill for Republican Committee on April 24, 2012.  The title refers to one of the other epithets that were shouted in anger at me. It was a shocking, pornographic sting of obscenities, an indecent and disgusting display and almost unbelievable that it happened. And there were shouts of “Old Man, you’re and old man”, same ideas that were on the Venomous Website, as the Courier called it, that someone wrote about: “Old Bill’s Bones”. It makes me again ask: what is wrong with these people?

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