We found out when the large construction trucks parked on the quiet streets of Northampton and the construction crews from American Tower Company started digging up the front yards of some residents. ATC is not a utility company. ATC is a one-percenter that is taking advantage of a gap in the laws. They should be called the Fascist Tower Company. We need OCCUPY to demonstrate beginning tomorrow in Northampton to protest against the rich fat cats of ATC. It’s too bad The Tea Parties do not seem interested. I’ve been trying to get them to protest by walking around the construction sites. 

The residents need to hear the construction has been postponed at least for a few weeks until some better alternatives are thought up.

The towers are ugly. The people who constantly keep up the appearance of thei properties need to hear ugliness in forbidden. They need to hear that unless the signal strength maps show there is no possible alternative to the DAS,  that the construction is stopped. They don’t need to be told that the 43 foot high poles on their front lawns are safe. Their properties have registered deed restrictions against towers. Government needs to protect the property of the citizens, not let some, one percenter have priority over the rights of the citizens. The residents need to hear  the approvals by the township were a series of mistakes and the township is going to stop it.

The mistake that is material is not only that the residents were not informed, they were sold out. Their properties were sacrificed, not protected.

The mistakes, and there were many, included that the 59 new towers and scores of “toppers” that extend the height of existing poles, were approved without consideration of the properties involved, and without considering the duty of the township to protect the physical property. A big mistake was not being aware of the deed restrictions. Another series of mistakes was there were no alternatives presented. Another that the township engineers, the Zoning manager, the Telecommunications board members and all of the township attorneys and mamagers  failed to think up alternative ways to get the proper signal levels.

A very big mistake was keeping it all secret. If the best interests of the residents were protected in the secret meeting and the trial then there would be only the problem of the violations of the Sunshine act but the secrecy covered up the failure of Northampton to protect the citizens. 

I bet there are no signal maps in the possession of the township. How can anyone know that the towers are the best alternative when there is no information about why they are necessary?

 I would be shocked to know anyone on the Telecommunication Board or in the Zoning department which was supposed to look after the residents and to protect their properties, knows much about antenna systems. I have not heard anyone in government talk about the cables connecting the towers and the trenches being dug. I have not heard anyone in government tell the besieged citizens that ATC cannot block the on-street parking in front of the properties and just take over the streets and lawns of the residents. I have not heard anyone say that the residents can park whatever they want in front of their properties and maybe on their lawns and if ATC wants them to remove their cars they can produce a judges ORDER. What’s going on in America when some construction company that is not a utility, not approved as a utility by the PUC not approved by the FTC can come onto private residential property and rip it up? Of course we know how government folds up in the face of big money bribes.

Why is no one except me thinking up these tactics to get things at least slowed down until some of the required information is developed.?

I know some of the supervisors want to help but I hope no one in government plans to hold a meeting to show how safe these towers are or how they are not so bad looking. The people don’t need that. They need this stopped and it’s going to be cheaper for ATC if it’s stopped before more towers are constructed in front of the residents homes.


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