The Republican majority Sewer Authority

has been wrongly preaching

that the $193,500.00 Solar Panel’s they approved

are free.

Read that again. If what the Republican Majority said: that the Solar Panels are free, who paid the $193,500.00? The residents of Northampton will pay for part of it. The customers of the Sewer Authority paid for part of it. About $70,000.00 in grants paid for by the public of which you are a part, and the rest of the $193,500 is hidden in the electric bill paid by the authority to Moore Energy, the company who really is getting the free electricity.  

The deal is diabolical. Most of it is kept secret because the public would be outraged by it.  It’s secret because the truth is neither the solar panels nor the electricity are free, not at all. It’s actually quite expensive but the Sewer Board was/is not smart enough to understand it and because the seller, Moore Energy kept it secret.

Here’s the mousetrap. The public is paying about $123,500.00 for the Solar Panels. Moore Energy and/or the mysterious Investor(s) are collecting about $70,000.00 and the total cost to the public is $193,500.00 plus. The public is paying for the land on which the panels sit as well as for the lawyer(s) who had to read the documents, lawyers who are not smart enough nor concerned enough to calculate the costs. They were mesmerized by the sales pitch into ignoring their responsibility to uncover the costs of the  project. Add in the insurance, maintenance, grass cutting, cleaning of the panels and the hokum and hot air which is the bad information which costs the public even more. 

So the Sewer Board majority, the rats, went for the free cheese and got trapped with the invoices that they don’t understand. The result? You Paid.

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