The immigration/Terrorist crisis is nuts.

Why let potentially dangerous people into a country far from their home anyway? Why aren’t they going somewhere safe and close instead of far away? It’s a recipe for disaster in the EU and America.

By the way, what’s wrong with say Brazil, Chile or Argentina? Big, mostly empty countries that are exempt from Muslim Terrorists. Wikipedia notes that many Syrian Muslims are already in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Paraguay.
Paraphrasing Geert Wilders, What happened this past weekend in France can happen tomorrow here in The United States. That is the horrible reality. The immigration procedure is one giant piece of Swiss cheese. Impostors with forged papers can simply cross the Southern border.
Remember the cowardly attacks, also in Paris, against Charlie Hebdo:
how many attacks must take place before the truth sinks in?,
Of course it is war.
It has been war for 1400 years. That war is called jihad.
Jihad is the core of Islam. That is not an opinion, but a fact.
Why take a chance with Terrorists? Let’s not accept guilt for trying to keep Americans safe from the clear threat of Terrorists who yesterday again threatened New York and Washington D.C.
If Syrians are the only problem then it’s easy to solve. There are 196 countries in the world. Why can’t Obama be compassionate and pick several that are closer to the homelands of the refugees? Why is he going out of his way and taking a chance that terrorists will simply hide among the refugees, come to America and blow up some places and people? Why? What is wrong with the man?

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