OK, Mali used to be French Territory but they went Independent 55 years ago. A dictator took over until 1991 when the Mali people became Democratic. Mali is about the size of Texas.

French President Hollande wasted no time assuring the people of Mali the full support and cooperation of the French. What about Hillary? What about Obama? Silence.

The sound of silence from Washington D.C. keeps the footprint of America in Mali smaller than it could or should be, thanks to the small mindedness of the little man Obama. Surely America is ready to step up but Obama has no interest in Mali. After all, it’s a rather small country and the people have been exploited by Jihadii’s so of course neither Obama nor Hillary are going to step up. Too bad too because the 16 million Mali’s, most of whom speak French and are predominantly Muslim’s could become a bit more friendly with America if America had a leader who understood Africa as more than a poor continent or having only Kenya where his missing father, missing because he abandoned his son Barack even though Barack was named after his father. His grandfather took the name of Hussein after embracing Islam. His father who became an atheist was from the tiny back country town of Kogelo in Western Kenya.

Even though Barack became President he never attained the stature of his father and grandfather who fought for freedom in Kenya.

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