Obama let in 2,184 Refugees but somehow one Yazidi slipped thru. Many people call them “devil worshipers” according to Wikipedia but like most religions, it’s more complicated than that. Yazidi’s, like Christians recognize the devil who is very prominent in the myth’s that go back in the past of both religions. Christianity is after all, in possession of and believes in the Old Testament part of the bible that supposedly goes back to the beginning of everything. Yazid’s, like Christians believe in the existence of both Adam and Eve and that’s where the Yazid’s had a problem. They refused to say Adam and Even were Gods.

But Obama admitted the Yazidi knowing about his religion. Obama also admitted 2,098 Muslims, 61 Christians, 6 Zoerastrians and 18 people of unknown religions. Why is he fixated on using religion to differentiate people? The State Department Refugee Processing Center approved the entry of all 2,184 people based on their religion. It separated them according to their religion, at least by cataloging the religion they self-professed.

That’s religious profiling and the State Department reports to Obama so he approved their religious separations.

What should Obama have done? He could have avoided the religious controversy by using their country of origin and their language. It’s better for America to admit people who speak English. That makes communication easier and our authorities can get their jobs done faster and easier when there’s no need to hire translators to interview people who don’t or won’t speak English.

Ask refugees to observe a Moment of Silence for the Paris Victims. Ask then about 9/11 or the Boston Bombers. Ask them about their feelings towards Jews or Israel. If they can’t pass those tests, they should never get to America let alone get in.

Religion matters. They are life-and-death matters. Not all creeds, cultures and tribes are equal nor can they be bent and reshaped to be compatible with a Western nation, let alone with America which is a completely different culture than all others because of the idea of a personal Liberty. Nations and cultures must act to preserve their own unique identity and character. That’s what Obama cannot grasp because he is not with America in his understanding of culture. He’s mired in the past and in his personal blindered and blinkered past which propels him in a different direction almost as though he’s dyslexic regarding his ability to assimilate to America so he cannot fathom the anger his remarks have caused to Americans.

The Islamic world is mad at America and Americans. Obama cannot change that and he is foolish to try. Instead he should support the principles that make America exceptional. Unfortunately he needs to convince himself first but he cannot so he will not and that makes him weak especially to the enemies of America.

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