Where were their guns? Of course the French disarmed themselves so they were powerless in the face of the Terrorists who shouted Alahu Akbar which brought their religion and their God into the terrorism. The French firearms laws are not quite a ban on guns but guns are so well controlled they might as well be banned.

It’s the terrorists who had not only guns but full automatic AK’s as well as suicide vests. A few guns in the audience or in the hands of some passers-by would have made a difference but the cowardly surprise attacks on innocent people were lightening fast. The murders in the Bataclan went on for 10 minutes or more so a few pistols in the hands of some of the audience would have made a big difference. It’s not however the fault of the restrictive French gun laws but of the ideology that drove the terrorists to this inhuman frenzy.

How and when will they be stopped? President Bush stopped most of the terror attacks in America after the 2001 attacks but the Fort Hood shooter in 2009 and the 2013 Boston Bombers got thru. Americans have more pistols than any other nation yet we don’t usually carry them because we feel safe without them. It’s time to re-think that.

Individuals who carry pistols know how safe it makes them feel to know they will have a much better chance because they are armed. Donald Trump recently said on Saturday Night Live: “I have a permit to carry”. So do I.

But it’s not the guns that attacked the innocent French, it was 8 men who were driven into a religion-based frenzy. The Crusades were mounted in the year 1095 by several Popes to stop the Muslim’s who were attacking Christians in the Middle East. Some Muslims seem to think the Crusades need to be avenged but the Crusaders were avenging attacks by the Muslims. Anyhow, that was 920 years ago so there’s no reason to use events that happened long before last night to justify the war against the West. The question for the leaders of the Western Nations which includes Russia and China is: what are you going to do about it and when?

President Obama will offer peace so he won’t be any help. He actually said: “I don’t want to speculate on who is responsible for the attacks”. Is he nuts? Everyone else knows who and why the demented jihadist’s did it but the President is clueless? He was just confirming whose side he’s really on and why he can be counted on to do nothing substantive to make his friends mad. Count on him to do nothing. Same for the EU, the members of which will talk a lot and do very little. It will take an aggressive and able warrior mentality to stop the terrorists who are protected by an unfortunate prohibition against attacking religion because most people accept religion as a refuge but the terrorists, those lumps of foul deformity are using religion to hide behind.

Osama bin Laden has been killed. So have loads of terrorist leaders and in the long run that will eliminate terrorism. The problem is what to do right now which is why aggressive leadership is the answer in the short term. Imagine a fast and devastating counter-attack. Imagination will have to do for awhile but the counter-attacks will begin.

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