From; “Tardigrades (also known as water bears, because of the shape of their head) are one of the hardiest creatures on Earth. They can be frozen, boiled, put in a vacuum, dried to the point of having almost no moisture left in their body, and still return to living a normal life once put back into a normal environment. They can also apparently survive being frozen for decades, no worse for the wear. A team in Japan reports two tardigrades were found among a sample of moss collected at Showa Station in Antarctica in November 1983—both were put into a freezer and kept at approximately minus 20 degrees C. Then, in 2014, the team decided it was time to thaw them to see if they could be revived, and if so, how well they fared.”

They wound up facing Elizabeth Warren.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said the policies of President Donald Trump’s administration added up to a domestic “axis of evil.” Warren is the axis of hell. A professional cheating troglodyte.  

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