Crossing the aisle which is not allowed,, wagging her infamous finger in the face of PA House Rep. Tom Marino who had just finished explaining how the Democrats failed to do anything at all about Immigration for four years when they controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency so the immigration crisis was caused by the Democrat Party. (HERE).  

Pelosi kept calling Marino: “Liar” said Marino, a former Federal Prosecutor who also said he’s been attacked by drug dealers and murders so Pelosi’s un-lady-like attack was a walk in the park for him.

Pelosi called Marino “Insignificant” twice during her harridan hectoring. Pelosi considers herself God’s own Gift to Humanity so her un-humbleness is well deserved. What a disgrace Pelosi is to her constituents back in San Francisco who are surely embarrassed at her mis-placed anger.

Marino had done his homework; came armed with the facts and announced to everyone what Pelosi had failed to do during her time as House Speaker.  

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