Obama began yesterday at a news conference about the Paris Massacre by supporting the Jihadists when he said: Don’t rush to judgment.

OK, lets take it slow enough for Jihadi Obama to understand it. Muslim Terrorists attacked the West at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. 43 years later they attacked the innocent citizens of Paris who have been lying down in support of the warlike Muslims within Paris who have been demonstrating and calling attention to their demands of Kill Westerners. Even the students at the University of Missouri know about the cowardice of the American Right as well as the United Nations none of whom are calling for the control and disciplining of the Rogue students. The ENTIRE EU as well as Hillary and Barack will not oppose the jihadii’s in their midst.

Hillary had eight years as the most powerful person in the Clinton White House to deal with the Terrorists. She failed. Instead she waged war against the Christian Right in America by reviewing their supposedly secret files gathered by the FBI. Obama continued her anti-Constitutional and criminal investigations of the Religious Right by his IRS. Hillary has failed to protect the American people far longer than Jihadi Obama. Obama has been in office for 7 plus years and during that time he has abandoned the military fight against Terrorists in the Middle East and recently defied the Senate and the Constitution when he signed a treaty with the largest Muslim Nation on earth. President Putin has far more good sense and more courage than President Obama. Putin told Commander In Chief Obama to stop flying over Syria and Obama obeyed Putin. The Terrorists then murdered innocent French civilians in Paris and innocent civilians traveling home to Russia from Sharm-al-Sheik.

Remember the students in the ’60’s who took over the universities and got away with it because the leaders both at the universities and in the Left-Liberal media promoted compassion for the rioters just as Obama has done and will continue to do? It’s why Obama failed to show up at the Charlie Hebdo counter-demonstrations in Paris with the other world leaders and why he has failed America again and again against his most important friends, the Muslims. He will no doubt explain how provocative the French have been towards the little innocent Muslims in Paris who spawned the Paris Massacre just as he lied and blamed a video for the terrorist murders of the Americans in Benghazi.

What explains the universal attribute cowardice of most people in the face of evil? Cowardice is the explanation, the cause and the reason. Cowardice is why people need leaders like Moses who led his people out of slavery in Egypt, across the dangerous Red Sea into the Promised Land of Present day Israel. Cowardice after the Charlie Hebdo massacre helped cause the Paris Massacre of 11/13/2015. Cowardice after the Munich Massacre in 1972 and cowardice after the publication of the cartoons, is the cowardice which enervates the students at Mizzou. Cowardice caused the President of Mizzou to resign and appoint a black man to head up cowardly Mizzou.

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