Paris, France November 13, 2015. In a classic proof of the doctrine of Kill Them Now or Kill Them Later the ideology behind the massacres of the cartoons of the Prophet has come home to roost in Paris at the Bataclan concert hall where 40 to 60 innocent people were brutally murdered by terrorists. French President Hollande called the terrorist attacks …. terrorist attacks.

This has been building for decades, since 1972 at the Munich Olympics when terrorists were not hunted down and punished. The Charlie Hebdo massacre by terrorists on Jan 7, 2015 was met by France with compassion and understanding of the motives of the terrorists. The failure to deal with the students at Mizzou, ….oh, wait. It’s the same failure on the part of the University to deal with the rogue students that’s the problem in France’s failure to deal with the terrorists in their midst after the Charlie Hebdo murders. Terrorists must be dealt with sooner of later because they will not stop unless and until they are stopped. France has the obligation to protect French Culture, the French people and the territory of France against all threats foreign and domestic. The terrorists do not need and must not be defended by the Politically Correct Left-Liberals in France. It’s past the time to declare terrorists will be captured, not cossetted. It’s time do declare the terrorists will be ferretted out and punished for their relentless attacks on France, Europe and the civilized world.

The United Nations bears as much responsibility for it’s lackadaisical approach against terrorists and terrorism. It’s time for the Western world to step up and step into the terrorists world and destroy it. It’s time.

The failure of the Obama administration to wage a full throated campaign against the terrorists is partly to blame for the failure to capture the terrorists in France. It’s why a bellicose and belligerent President Trump is needed. None of the other Presidential candidates has his fire against injustice. Hillary was completely ineffective against the terrorists when she was Secretary of State which was underscored by her complete failure in Benghazi, a massacre that was never avenged. She is incapable of dealing with terrorists because she’s been co-opted by the world view of Socialism so she’s intent on expanding the power of the Federal government over the lives of Americans. She was a disaster as Secretary of State and she would utterly humiliate America even worse than President Obama who is increasing and accelerating the settlement of potential terrorists within America. He calls terrorist Settlement refugee Settlement. He should send them back to the Middle East and tho the very rich nations there where people wshare the smae religion. Obama’s strategy is the strategy of someone against America. After Obama leaves the Presidency he can travel to the Middle East where he will be given awards and honored as a friend of the jihadist’s. Hope he stays there.

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