Chris Christie blew away the annoying Bobby Jindal, Huckabee and Santorium. Rubio & Cruz were head and shoulders above the pack and Trump was the most popular.

Christie belongs in the next Republican debate.  Kasich was better than Jeb. Trump should get his new suits from Dr. Ben Carson’s haberdasher. Carson didn’t stand out but everyone likes him. Carly did good enough but Kasich, Jindal, Santorum and Huckabee should drop out ASAP.

Rand Paul is a good enough isolationist but has trouble standing up to foreign leaders and he’s especially unequipped to deal with Putin. For the next debate, add Christie to the top tier and put Kasich in with Jindal, Santorum and Bush but at the moment Bush is popular enough to stay in the top tier but barely.

The five top Republicans are Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Christie and Fiorina. Trump needs to sharpen up against the top four. Fiorina is much better on her feet than Carson but Kasich and Jeb shouldn’t be on the same stage as the top five. Rand Paul is still in the top tier but his isolationism isn’t in character with America’s leadership and fighting spirit. America isn’t ready to stop leading. Rand Paul seems a bit fearful of Putin.

Fiorina had the best line: A Hillary Clinton Presidency will corrode the character of the nation. Hillary is both an American Evita and Elvira: Under-Feminized, Pant Suited and Mao Jacketed, Hillary is the end of the Hippies and good riddance to her and her philandering partner. That would be Bill, not Huma. Go Hillary–Far away.

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