Howard didn’t really write about destroying America but that’s the reason that jumps off every page of his so called history book that, unfortunately, has been used in many American schools.  

Why unfortunate? Because it is a one-sided view of America told by Howard from the standpoint of the historic losers.

It’s a good idea to be objective with history but Zinn admits he wanted to tell the story of America from the side of he Arawak’s who I suppose were wiped out by the Conquistadores. So Zinn blames you and me for profiting from the wipe-out.

Wikipedia, no friend of America writes: “Any careful reader will perceive that Zinn is a stranger to evidence bearing upon the people about whom he purports to write. But only critics who know the sources will recognize the complex array of devices that pervert his pages… On the other hand, the book conveniently omits whatever does not fit its overriding thesis…

It would be a mistake, however, to regard Zinn as merely Anti-American. Brendan Behan once observed that whoever hated America hated mankind, and hatred of mankind is the dominant tone of Zinn’s book… He lavishes indiscriminate condemnation upon all the works of man — that is, upon civilization, a word he usually encloses in quotation marks”

Propaganda is effective because it is truth subtly shaded so it’s contrary message is smuggled into the readers minds. Zinn is a master at that.

Zinn could be the propaganda minster of any anti-American culture. In fact, he is.


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