By trying to impeach Donald Trump Democrats are piling on Americans hate people who pile on after the play. In football for example piling on is penalized as un-necessary. Democrats who are hate- obsessed against Donald Trump want to follow through and impeach him but they are running into two brick walls. First, Impeachment is only to remove someone from office. President Trumps presidency ended on January 20 when Biden was sworn in. Trump is no longer president so the Senate has no jurisdiction to try him. The can try a president but they can’t try a private citizen. Second, In addition to not having impeachment¬† jurisdiction over Donald Trump, the Constitution stops the Senate from trying private citizens. Suing a private citizen must be done in Civil Court but the Senate is not a court. Courts are very different than the Senate. America has three branches of government. The Senate is not allowed to put individuals on trial because of the idea of Separation Of Power. Civil matters are put on trial in Civil Court, not anywhere else. There’s a third reason why the Senate cannot try Donald Trump. It’s because the Democrats have driven themselves into a frenzy so they are literally crazy. Trump must be tried by non-crazies. The Democrats don’t have the common sense that’s needed to properly try someone.

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