If people are artificially graded as either Conservative or Liberal; if there is no middle ground nor anything possible except a label of “C” or “D” then Death is the opposite of Conservatism. Welfare leads to the death of productivity so welfare is death. Why work when welfare provides everything you need? Because you cannot live fully human when you depend on something else for survival.

Welfare smothers the humanity in people. If it weren’t for other welfare people your welfare would increase so welfare destroys the human impulse to be friendly. Everyone is your competitor for the resources needed to live a better life. Welfare leads to jealousy, envy and sloth. Jealousy of those who have more than you; envy of their success compared to your failure and sloth because there’s no need to exert yourself because life would not improve if your productivity did.

President Obama said: “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” That’s worse than willful ignorance or even plain ignorance for an educated man. No business exists in nature. Every business from a child’s lemonade stand to a giant international corporation is the result of human thought. Thought is individual. Two people cannot join their brains and think twice as god as one. Two people can think more than one but not better than the best. Business is human thought made visible. That’s the rather simple refutation of the false idea of Obama, the Left ad Liberals that businesses aren’t built by the individuals who built them.

The buildings, machines and products of each business all flow from a correctly reasoning mind. It’s a spectacular irrelevancy that businesses need supplies which are delivered over roads, rails and from the air, none of which are part of the businesses that use them.

If someone else built the business, not the person who built the business, why didn’t they build a business for everyone? The Left could cut welfare if everyone had a business. If everyone had a business everyone would make a profit so they would be ineligible to collect welfare. Why would welfare be needed if everyone had money from a business, especially if they didn’t have to build it and could just be handed a business?

The essence of Obama’s false idea is: the infrastructure of a culture cannot build a business. Obama and Elizabeth Warren, another economic pygmy, want to claim infrastructure is responsible for business so they can control welfare money and for example, pay tax money to cronies to build infrastructure in addition to just handing money to everyone but that’s wrong which means the basis of their argument is false.

Obama, Warren and the communalistic Liberal wind-talkers have a distorted set of ideas about the role of a government in a free culture. Their State-mandated business model is offered to support their goal of Central Planning. The basis of Central Planning is the creation of false wealth by printing, not earning, money. Central Planning is not the opposite of profit, it is the counterfeiting of it. Eventually the money is worth less and less until it becomes worthless. A culture without profit is doomed. The Liberal argument doesn’t come full circle. It’s a downward spiral that ends at the bottom with destitution, destruction and death.

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