The Presidential Election next year is an historic face-off of Freedom vs. Slavery. Those are bare-bones comparisons. Either Capitalism or an African Culture based on Bribery or Capitalism vs. Slavery which is Trump vs. Hillary. It’s as fundamental as the opposites can get. Hillary and Bernie are brother and sister Communists. Bernie is a Red Diaper Baby while Hillary is basically a criminal Socialist who uses the Children to expand government.

Either support Liberty and all of it’s derivations or Slavery in whatever full or partial systems you can identify. These are Root Epidemiological differences, i.e., philosophic definitions.

Epistemology is how and what people think. Capitalism is based on the nature of an individual person. Socialism, Communism and Fascism are basically based on the same thing which is the superiority of the group and the inferiority of the individual compared to the group. Communism is a derivative of Socialism which is the umbrella which supports the superiority of the group.

No group exists in a basic sense. A group is a number of individuals united by a common attribute but only a number of individuals exists. Therefore a group is not a fundamental thing but an individual is because each individual has a nature which includes a brain that thinks. No group can think. Each brain is a separate thing. Each brain thinks but two brains cannot be combined into one that can think. That’s why no group is fundamental and that’s the basis of Justice as a human value.

The problem is: arguments for Freedom or Subjugation have middle grounds like twilight which is neither day or night but a mixture which defines the present American System. No culture has ever achieved Capitalism. Socialism however had been fully implemented many times and failed each time. Cuba is an example.

Cuba had Socialism imposed by a totalitarian dictator and look what happened. Grinding poverty and a medieval culture. Only the leaders flourished. Everyone else regardless of ability, skill or attributes failed. The island is a failed system and every other country in Central and South America is following the Cuban model. All are under Socialist systems and only flourish when and where some freedom is allowed.

America is a mixture of Capitalism and Socialism but, unfortunately, Socialism has been gaining and it’s zero sum issue. As Socialism increases Liberty decreases. An intellectual, political and economic twilight zone that includes elements of both contradictory systems.

Donald Trump is a great example of a smart guy who out-maneuvered the mixed system of America which is part Capitalist, the free part and mostly Socialist, the coercion part. Obamacare is a Socialists dream. Government controls the entire system of medicine system which is Hillary’s dream too.

Hillary is worse than Bernie because she’s smarter therefore more dangerous to freedom. .


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