He’s not really Jamie Fox, he’s Eric Marlon Bishop and he’s just promoting a movie he’s in. So he’s being outrageous in a low-class way. He’s inciting racial hatred and he’s got the tools for the job. Does Fox hate whites? That’s not the first question. Why is he silly and boring about race? What’s his motive? 

Simple. Eric wants you to pay to see the movie he’s in but he hasn’t figured out that he’s keeping away more customers than he’s attracting. In the final count however he’s appealing to those unfortunate people who like to hate based on race. Jamie, 45, admitted that ‘Every single thing in  my life is built around race’. (Here).  There are plenty of people like Eric Marlon, the race haters who voted for Obama who will go see Foxx because of their race-based lives. Oh well. Life is not like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you know exactly what you get and why. Don’t waste your holiday time watching Eric Marlon.

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