Blame Barack Obama for his actions that started the Tea Party movement in 2009. There was a massive protest/rally in Washington DC with lots of disgusted people with anti-Obama feelings. Six years later the movement has fizzled out mostly because real Tea Party people like the smart energy shown by Donald Trump. In the meantime there was a rather dumb set of protesters who decided to attack the Republicans. The enemies of capitalism and Liberty are the Democrats and the Democratic Party, not the Republicans but for some unknown reasons The Tea Party has been going after Republicans. Maybe they were closet Democrats all along. Either that or they are incredibly dumb about politics.

Whatever the reason or reasons. The Tea Party even in it’s fading days continues to hurt the Republicans in Congress which means they are helping Democrats. The natural enemies of the Tea Party folks should be the Democrats and the Liberals and most tea Party types will give lip service to that but they feel more comfortable attacking Republicans.

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