It’s normal for women and men to work together, love one another and support the Rights of All, not just women and women’s rights like Hillary. Hillary hates men and surrounds herself with women because she’s more comfortable with women and far from confortable with men.

Also, Hillary is a person of privilege. She’s not like you and me. She looks down on most people as we know from her remarks about women who stay home and bake cookies. She’s acting as she always does, –different then when she’s not trying to get elected or get some money from a doner aka. sap. Then she’s your BFF until she gets what she wants from you then bye-bye don’t cry.

Hillary grew up special and she thinks of herself that way (I’m YALE LAW but you’re not) even today when she’s entering her 69th year. The rough edges never wore off her sharp elbows. She’s more brittle and disturben than ever. If she’s elected, and here’s hoping she isn’t, she will be in her 75th year when she leaves office after one term and almost in her 80th year when her second term is up.  

She’s never been put in her place. Her achievements as Secretary of State are less than can be remembered except for her dereliction of duty regarding Benghazi where she was unaware the ambassador was murdered but could have been saved very easily if she had thought enough of him to get one combat jet to fly low over the area that was under attack.

More than ignoring 600 pleas for more security she lied about a video causing the attacks when she knew the attack was not caused by the video but by the weapons stored in Benghazi at the rented compound, that she knew were being shipped to the rebels in Syria.

This is a very disturbed, deviant and devious person who is far from normal.

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