First, the attorney for the sewer board should be fired for not catching the really bad business deal. Next the Solar Company should be notified the deal is cancelled for a failure to tell the truth. Third, the Solar Panels should be removed by the Investor for not telling the truth.

Is that drastic? Not an all. People who fail to disclose the truth should not benefit from the failure.

If the solar panels are not removed the people of Northampton will laugh at the Sewer Board until they catch onto what they did.

Maybe you believe the contract cannot be violated so the Chinese Solar Panels will have to remain. That’s a good reaction. That’s how honest people act. They stand behind their agreements. But suppose you were misled in a contract? Suppose you were led to believe one thing but something was switched? Think about bait and switch. That invalidates a contract. Wikipedia says: “In the United States, courts have held that the purveyor using a bait-and-switch operation may be subject to a lawsuit by customers for false advertising, and can be sued for trademark infringement by competing manufacturers, retailers, and others who profit from the sale of the product used as bait.”

What about in politics where the words change during the procedure. Wikipedia again, “In lawmaking, “caption bills” that propose minor changes in law with simplistic titles (the bait) are introduced to the legislature with the ultimate objective of substantially changing the wording (the switch) at a later date in order to try to smooth the passage of a controversial or major amendment. Rule changes are also proposed (the bait) to meet legal requirements for public notice and mandated public hearings, then different rules are proposed at a final meeting (the switch), thus bypassing the objective of public notice and public discussion on the actual rules voted upon. While legal, the political objective is to get legislation or rules passed without expected negative community review.”

The majority on the Sewer Board and the attorney should resign for subjecting Northampton to a bad deal.

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