The State House gave themselves another raise for 2012. Some legislators say they don’t take the raise but instead they give the money to charity.

What good does that do the taxpayer? We are taxed before the legislator has the money to give away. That’s even worse than if the tax money is used for a legitimate government purpose. Government is not supposed to have the power to take money for charity. It’s corrupt money. Giving corrupt monay is wrong. It’s wupposed to be returned. It’s not theirs in the first place because the extra pay was illegitimate. See how getting things wrong just snowballs and make things worse? These charitable contributions are phony because they do not come from the legislators but  are taken from the people who earned the money. Give the money back, legislators. Do the right thing in the first place so you aren’t seen as phony contributors. You are like a bank robber who says “I’ll give ten percent to charity so people can see I’m a good person.” Rubbish.

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